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Scotch Collie
What is a Scottish Collie?
They are the same Scotch Collie that was so popular 100 years ago.  The Scotch Collie is a landrace breed; there is no affiliation with the American Kennel Club.  Some branches of this family have diverged in the past century either through selective breeding (Rough Collie) or crossing with other breeds (English Shepherd, Australian Shepherd), but some have remained more or less true to form. Most are either working farm dogs or have working farm dogs in their pedigree; but unlike some farm dogs, they will learn the rules and be content to lie around when there is nothing to do; they will not worry your stock unnecessarily, nor are they high strung.  You will not find a more bidable, gentle dog.  A Scottish Collie wants to obey and loves children; it was this type of personality that made them so popular back in 1910. This is quite literally the kind of dog you read about in Lassie Come Home and Lad: A Dog.  Yes, these are works of fiction but they are based on real dogs and it is no accident that the dogs in both these stories are Scotch Collies.
The Canny Gaun goal is to preserve the breed once prevalent 100 years ago.  Our dogs are family dogs, guardians of home and barn, highly intelligent and eager to please.  All dogs are registered with the Old Time Scotch Collie Organization and Scottish Collie Preservation Society.
4J Acres Oliver
Lady Margaret Licksalot
Jockomo Fi Na Né
Olly comes from the McGregor and Heiland Thistle lines.  His primary instinct is guard dog, and keeps all predators away from the house.  He has a high intelligence and learns with lightning speed.   He is fast, lean and beautifully graceful.
Maggie is from the Gracehaven and Heritage lines.  She is ever keenly interested in what you are doing and always wants to help.  Sometimes it's help in a dog's eyes, but quickly learns right from wrong.  She is a natural born herder, and is governor of my chickens.  She has retrieved many of the runaways, without harming one feather.
Jocko is an Ovelheiro Gaucho (OG) from Brazil.  He is from the Canil Santa Terezinha Kennel.  The OGs were bred to herd cattle; both parents are strong working dogs.  We do not have cattle, but his instinct to herd is very strong.  He is a very sweet and sensitive dog at home.